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It's simple.  Meet these conditions and we will buy you

One (1) Large Big Green Egg once you close on the house.

1) Meet with us and decide that you would like us to represent you in the sale or purchase of a home as the listing or selling agent.

2) Successfully write a contract to purchase starting 9/8/2020 or later and close on a home by 12/31/2020 and we will buy you an egg OR sign a listing agreement with us starting 9/08/2020 or later and successfully close on the sale of said property by 12/31/2020 and we'll buy you an egg. 

The Fine Print:

  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion or incentive offered by Live Oak Real Estate. Basically don't double dip your chip in the proverbial salsa bowl.  It's not nice and it's gross. 

  • If you buy a duplex, triplex, quad or small apartment building, you still only get one Large Big Green Egg, but let's talk and we can work something out. Limit one per household.

  • "I don't want a Big Green Egg, because I don't know what it is.  What is it?"  Even better. You'll be stoked. 

  • Live Oak Real Estate is a licensed real estate brokerage in the state of VA.  The corporate office is located at 1700 Pleasure House Road, Suite 103B, Virginia Beach, VA 23455.

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